February 2022

27 Buckden Roundabout February 2022 Adverts Please mention the Buckden Roundabout when replying to advertisers Based in Buckden Comprehensive Pest Control Services including Rats, Mice, Flies, Wasps. Jobs or Contracts tailored to suit your needs. Fully insured and accredited Call us on 07969753267 or 01480 369802 www.cambridgepestservices.co.uk Extensions Conversions Refurbishments House Construction Patios Driveways Roofing Brickwork Stabilize your Washer or Dryer for Good with Steady Spin! This is the first and only washing machine stabilizer that works from the TOP of the machine NOT the bottom! Better still, no lifting or moving your machine involved, saving your machine, floors and if flat living…your neighbours. It is like hiring someone to sit on your machine 24/7. The right size, the right pressure and the right pump to do it! So easy to install, just slip the vinyl bladder between your machine and countertop then inflate to a snug fit with the handy manual pump, which can be hidden away so you can’t see it. The appliance, now stable during the most ferocious spin cycles absorbs energy reduces noise while ensuring no movement or jump- ing for the whole wash. Your ears, floors, machine and neighbours will thank you for it! Invented in Buckden UK in 2016. ORDER FROM WWW.STEADYSPIN.CO.UK JUST £15.95 inc. P&P