November 2021

3 Buckden Roundabout November 2021 Buckden Roundabout Team Editors - Articles & Events Ian Carter and Alec MacAndrew Email: 33 Beaufort Drive, Buckden, PE19 5YU 07515 737636 Webmaster Alec MacAndrew Email: Proofreading and editorial assistance Wendy Trattner Advertisements and Payments Fiona Shirley Email: Distribution Co - ordinators Wendy Thelwall, Lesley MacAndrew, Patricia Ford Contact this email for info: Email: Front Cover This month cover image is a collage of photos taken by Martin Shirley of the stalls at the Artisan Producers ’ Market which was organised by the Friends of Buckden Towers on the Open Day at the Towers – see report on page 14. We are looking for more paintings of any kind that we could use as a front cover. We can photograph them if you only have original artwork. We are also keen to get images of the village and surrounding areas in preparation for future issues. Please note that photos should ideally be in portrait format and should be a minimum of 2400 x 1700 pixels. More is better! All advertisements and non - advertising material are printed in good faith. Neither the Buckden Roundabout nor the Buck- den Parish Council can accept any responsibility for the con- tent of the advertisements, the services provided by the ad- vertisers or any statements made in the advertisements or non - advertising material. No part of this publication may be reproduced or stored with- out the express permission of the Editor of the Buckden Roundabout. THE DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF ALL MATERIAL FOR THE DECEMBER EDITION IS NO LATER THAN 4.30 pm ON WEDNESDAY 10th NOVEMBER . HOWEVER, SPACE IS ALLOCATED ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED, BASIS. IT IS REGRETTED THAT ANY CONTRIBUTIONS RECEIVED AFTER THE DEADLINE WILL NOT BE INCLUDED. November Production Dates Production dates for the December Edition of the Rounda- bout are as follows: Copy deadline: Wednesday 10 November Proof Reading Friday 12 November Copy to Printers Tuesday 16 November Distribution Thursday 25 November Contents Buckden Parish Council 4 From your District Councillor 5 Village News 6, 12, 14, 15, 19, 21 For Your Diary 7, 11 Church News 8 - 10 Support Buckden businesses 13,16 Other Information 17 The Parish Council, part 10 18 School & Pre - school 20 Advertisements & Classifieds 22 - 28 November 2021 It feels as if autumn is now well and truly on the way. Greens are starting to turn to browns and oranges, and it feels colder and the evenings are starting to get darker earlier. There have been some great events in the village recently. We have had the scarecrow festival which attracted lots of entries (and some very amusing ones at that!). In late September we had the artisan market at Buckden Towers, and more details about that event can be found on page 14. Two of our regular features continue this month. Terry Hay- ward brings us part 10 of his series regarding the Parish Coun- cil. They have been a fascinating read, and if reading them has inspired you to do more, the council does currently have a vacancy! In our series regarding businesses in Buckden, the focus this month is Buckden Day Nursery. I know personally what a great job they do, and I would encourage you to find out more on page 13. This is a magazine for the whole village, and to achieve that we rely on our band of volunteers to deliver the magazine every month. As new houses are added to the village, not only do we need to print more copies, we also need new volun- teers to help deliver! If this is something you think you could help with - it ’ s about 20 minutes per month - please email the distribution address below. Please remember to visit the Roundabout website. As well as every edition from 2013 onwards available to see, there are often articles there that we could not fit into the print edition, as well as information that arrives during the month: This month ’ s editor - Ian Carter Editor ’ s Page