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For many years the Buckden Roundabout has been delivered to every home in Buckden.  Now it's available on-line too. See how easy it is to read it - just click below:

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The Roundabout magazine has been an asset to Buckden since 1979, and has seen many changes over that time. Now we are moving into the 21st Century. Welcome to the new Roundabout website. Door-to-door deliveries of the print version will continue to all households in Buckden, Stirtloe and Diddington, but we hope this on-line facility will provide a helpful alternative to reading what we believe will become an even better and more interesting Roundabout in the months and years to come. The Roundabout on-line will give you all the content of the paper version plus useful new features like the ability to search in articles and adverts. And this website is not just about providing an on-line copy of the Roundabout. We have set up a forum to give you, the residents of Buckden, a way to discuss topics of interest and importance to the village (and of importance in the wider world) and we are also providing a guide to regular village activities, a calendar of village events, and articles about things happening in the village. Sign up for our newsletter to get regular updates. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get village news and notification of new issues of the magazine. Submit articles for the magazine and Letters to the editor through the contact form.

Village Clubs & Organisations

We have a directory of Village clubs and organisations. Categories include children's organisations, adult organisations, exercise and sport clubs, music and book groups, Churches, clubs and societies for hobbies and interests, where to get advice and support, and venues for meetings and gatherings.

Directory of village organisations

Village Events

Check out the various resources in the village and announcements of upcoming events. We plan to keep this list up to date, so if you want to find out what is going on in Buckden this is the place to come. You can also check out the news ticker on the left hand side of this page for the latest news about events in the village.

Find out about village stuff

The Forum

The Roundabout is not just about the magazine and one-way communication. It's about discussion too. We are hosting a web forum where you will be able to chew the fat about anything and everything to do with Buckden. Anyone can read the forum, but to post messages you will need to register as a member of the website and forum and then log in.

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