June 2023

3 Buckden Roundabout June 2023 Buckden Roundabout Team Editors - Articles & Events Ian Carter and Alec MacAndrew Email: editor@buckdenroundabout.info 33 Beaufort Drive, Buckden, PE19 5YU 07515 737636 Webmaster Alec MacAndrew Email: webmaster@buckdenroundabout.info Proofreading and editorial assistance Wendy Trattner, Lesley MacAndrew Advertisements and Payments Fiona Shirley Email: adverts@buckdenroundabout.info Distribution Co - ordinators Wendy Thelwall, Lesley MacAndrew, Patricia Ford Contact this email for info: Email: distribution@buckdenroundabout.info Front Cover This month ’ s cover is a lovely watercolour painting of Manor Gardens looking towards Church Street and was provided by Geoff Chapman. As ever we are very grateful. We are looking for more photos and paintings of any kind that we could use as a front cover. We especially need photos and paintings of autumn scenes, and of events in the village. We should be grateful for photos (or even paintings!) of the coro- nation celebrations in the village. Please note that photos should ideally be in portrait format and should be a minimum of 2400 x 1700 pixels. More is better! All advertisements and non - advertising material are printed in good faith. Neither the Buckden Roundabout nor the Buckden Parish Council can accept any responsibility for the content of the advertisements, the services provided by the advertisers or any statements made in the advertisements or non - advertising material. No part of this publication may be reproduced or stored with- out the express permission of the Editor of the Buckden Roundabout. THE DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF ALL MATERIAL FOR THE JULY EDITION IS NO LATER THAN 4.30 pm ON SATURDAY 10TH JUNE HOWEVER, SPACE IS ALLOCATED ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED, BASIS. IT IS REGRETTED THAT ANY CONTRIBUTIONS RECEIVED AFTER THE DEADLINE WILL NOT BE INCLUDED. June Production Dates Production dates for the July Edition of the Roundabout are as follows: Copy deadline: Saturday 10 June Proof Reading Friday 16 June Copy to Printers Tuesday 20 June Distribution Thursday 29 June Contents Buckden Parish Council 4 From your District Councillor 5 Church News 6 - 8 For your Diary 9 - 11 Village News 12, 17 - 18, 20 - 22 Buckden Parish Council Annual Report 13 - 15 Coronation celebrations in Buckden 16 School and Pre - School 19 Advertisements & Classifieds 23 - 28 June 2023 Welcome to the June edition of Buckden Roundabout. It being the June edition, I was hoping for better weather as I am writing this but the last couple of days have seen very heavy rain and thunderstorms! Hopefully not a precursor to the summer weather coming … May is the month of UK Bank Holiday Mondays with 3 in total; the 2 usual May holidays please an additional one to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla. Over that additional bank holiday weekend, there were events across the village to celebrate an occasion we have not seen in the UK for 70 years. As well as the village - wide organised activities spread over the weekend there were street parties throughout the village as well. I feel for those that had their street party on the Saturday! We were lucky to get at least one good day of weather for the event at Buckden Towers on the Sunday. It was great to see so many people out to support both the event and the various food, drink and other stalls out there. The music was great, the kids seemed to enjoy themselves and it had a lovely feel to the day. Well done Buckden! You can see some pictures from the Coronation weekend on page 16. Also included this month is the annual report from Buckden Parish Council highlighting achievements over the last year, and plans for the next year. Please see the centre pages (13 - 15) for the report. If inspired, there is (at the time of writing) a vacancy on the council! Please remember to visit the Roundabout website. As well as every edition from 2013 onwards available to see, there are often articles there that we could not fit into the print edition, as well as information that arrives during the month. The online edition of the magazine is in full colour: www.buckdenroundabout.info This month ’ s editor - Ian Carter Editor ’ s Page