September 2022

4 Buckden Roundabout September 2022 Buckden Parish Council Buckden Parish Council News... Council Website For more information, please visit the Buckden Parish Council (BPC) web site at To automatically find out what is going on subscribe to our Newsletter service using your email address. Cycle racks The new racks have now been installed in both the High Street and the Village Hall. Thanks to Cambridgeshire County Council and their Active Travel scheme for their help with this. Playground We have ordered some new play equipment, a ‘ surf rider ’, to replace the broken items. This will take a while to arrive, but we ’ ll keep you updated. Neighbourhood Plan and Climate Change See article on page 13 Flood Group The Parish Council has set up a flood group to help us under- stand how best we can use the resources available to us to be prepared for any further flooding. We have had a preliminary meeting with CCC officers who have made helpful suggestions for further assistance. They also sent us the Section 19 report in relation to the flooding in December 2020. All Flood Au- thorities have to complete a Section 19 report after a serious flood. The report is on our website. Village Sign We hope that everyone has spotted that we have a beautifully refurbished Village Sign. It was first erected in the year 2000 to mark the millennium so it had lasted well. Thanks to infor- mation from Terry Hayward, we were able to contact the orig- inal maker and he carried out the refurbishment. It took long- er than expected but it was worth waiting for. Speedwatch Are you concerned about speeding in the village? We can only tackle this if we have clear evidence of speeding and for that we need a Speedwatch team. We want to re- start this but need more volun- teers. Please contact the Clerk if you can help. Huntingdon District Council (HDC) The Chair and the Clerk attended a very informative meeting led by the new Councillors and the staff of HDC. The Council is planning to develop a new strategy for the future of the district and there will be opportunities for all residents to con- tribute. I am sure there will be more information about this from our District Councillor. There are consultation events being held including one at St Neots Farmer ’ s Market on 27 th August and one at Little Paxton ’ s Flower and Vegetable Show 10 th September. Vacancies We have three vacancies for Parish Councilors. We need more capacity on the council to take forward a variety of initiatives to improve the village. Please join us. If you are interested, please contact the Clerk for further details. Council Meetings The next Council meeting will be at 7.00 pm on Tuesday 13 th September. The meeting will include a 15 - minute open forum. If you want to speak at the meeting, please let us know what you want to say, by contacting the Parish Clerk. You will get a three - minute slot. The Council Planning Committee will also meet if required. Agendas for these meetings are posted on the Parish notice boards no later than the Saturday preceding the meeting. Office opening hours The Clerk is operating flexibly between the office and home. If you wish to meet with the Clerk, please call on 01480 819407. All of the papers and reports for Council Meetings are available on the Thursday before meetings on Council website .This provides the opportunity to see the agenda, reports of work carried out by the Council as well as reports from out County and District Councillors. Any questions or comments on this report should be addressed to the Parish Clerk at: Buckden Parish Council, Buckden Village Hall, Burberry Rd, Buckden, PE19 5UY. Telephone 01480 819407 Email: Buckden supporting Ukrainian refugees Thank you The Buckden Ukrainian Community Support Group is a core part of ‘ Help Ukraine Huntingdonshire. ’ Since April 2022, a group of volunteers have been organising events at Buckden Towers for local Ukrainian families across Huntingdonshire. So far, this local initiative has supported over 180 Ukrainian peo- ple living in our community by providing essential supplies and humanitarian aid. The volunteers and all our local Ukrainian friends are extreme- ly grateful for the generosity, compassion, and support from Buckden Residents. In particular, we would like to thank every- one who contributed to our Hunstanton excursion on Monday 25 July. Your kind - hearted donations and involvement helped to create wonderful memories that forty - eight local Ukrainian people will treasure. Thank you. Lisa Sheehan Buckden Ukrainian Community Support Group (Organiser)