St Mary's Church opening for individual prayer

You will wish to know that, in accordance with Government’s optional social distancing relaxation measures1, St Mary’s will be opened for individual prayer (and only that) every Monday and Thursday between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm, beginning Monday 22nd June. Individuals or members of the same household may enter the building to make personal prayers.

However, if you wish to visit for prayer, please note the following measures that have been put in place to ensure your safety:

  • The building will be unattended.
  • Entry and exit will be via the main south door which will be propped open to both provide ventilation and allow easy sight of other people.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available on a small table inside the main door and must be used.
  • Out of respect to other visitors, social distancing guidance measures must be followed: 2 metres (3 steps) all round should be maintained between individuals or those from separate A household is a person or a group of people who live together in the same accommodation.
  • Only 4 pews will be available for use and these will be clearly marked with instructions on entry, where to sit, and Only sit in a place marked by a paper square and take that square home with you after vacating the seat so that nobody else uses it. Please enter the pew from the centre aisle, go to the farthest paper square and exit via the side aisle. If no paper squares are left, please say your prayers standing and inform the churchwarden (07902867603). The pews will be sanitised after each opening.
  • There will also be a marked space at the rear of the pews for wheelchair users.
  • The rest of the church will be cordoned-off and no reading material (bibles, hymn books etc) will be available for public use, so please bring your own bible if you wish to have one with you.
  • The children’s area and toys will not be available.
  • Toilet facilities will not be available.
  • Please do not leave any cash



1 See Section 4 of the GOV.UK COVID-19: guidance for the safe use of places of worship during the pandemic. Published 12 June 2020.