It's easy to read the Roundabout on-line.Snowy fields looking towards Diddington  Just click on one of the links below and a new web-page will open with a full version of the Roundabout, just the same as the paper version. See both current and previous editions.


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How to get the best from The Roundabout on-line?

These tips are specifically for the desktop and laptop versions of The roundabout on-line.

pageturnYou can turn the pages by dragging them or by using the navigation buttons.


zoom Use the zoom button to zoom in on text for greater ease of reading


fullscreenFor even bigger text, use the full screen button to read The Roundabout using the entire screen of your computer. To return to normal mode just press the fullscreen button again or press the ERsc button on your keyboard

 searchUse the Search box at the top of the screen to search for and find any content in The Roundabout. Search for articles, adverts or any other content. If you click in the box it will expand.  Type the text you are looking for and click on the magnifying glass or press return. A panel will open on the right side of the screen with all the instances of your search term which you can use to navigate directly to the article or advert you were looking for. Your search term will be highlighted in yellow on the appropriate pages. When you are finished searching you can close the search panel 

download You can download The Roundabout in PDF format. Press this button and you will be given the choice to download either the current page or the entire publication to your computer.


print You can print one or all of the pages using this print button. You can select pages by number or use the bookmarks (see below).


selecttext Select and copy text with this button. Paste into Word or other text editing programs. Don't forget though, that the copyright remains with the Editorial team.


bookmarkWant to make a note about some particular item in the magazine? Click on the bookmark button. The bookmark panel will open on the right. Type your note in the box and click on the Add button. this bookmark will be saved. Next time you open the same edition of The Roundabout, click on the bookmark button and you will be able to see all the notes you have made. Note that your bookmarks will appear only on the same computer and in the same browser that you made them.

Can't see all the features?

 The fully featured version of The Roundabout on-line displayed on desktop or laptop computers uses Adobe Flash player. Most computers will already have this installed but you might need to update to a newer version This free software can be downloaded and installed here.

Reading on a tablet or smart phone?

The best reading experience for The Roundabout on-line is on a desktop or laptop computer.  However we also provide versions that can be read on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. These download automatically when you read the site with a mobile device.

Did this help? More help needed?

If you are still having problems don't hesitate to contact us via the contact form.