Huntingdonshire District Council has refused planning permission for 180 new houses off Luck's Lane.

The development was opposed by Buckden Parish Council and by the group "Protect Buckden's Future", as well as by many local residents who wrote to the HDC and to the Parish Council explaining the grounds for their opposition. In the letter of refusal, HDC gave a number of reasons for refusing the application including:

1) The development would not constitute sustainable development

2) It would cause harm to the character and appearance of the countryside and, in particular, to the landscape gap separating Buckden from Stirtloe

3) It would endanger archaeological remains in an area of substantial mediaeval activity

4) It would increase the likelihood of accidents occurring on the Stirtloe Lane/A1 junction and could have severe effects on the road network in the village

5) There is no agreed Section 106 agreement by which the applicant would provide affordable housing and and contribute costs of providing open space and other amenities.

What happens now? The applicant can appeal against the decision or submit a modified application.