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Buckden Roundabout

June 2019

Buckden Parish Council

Buckden Parish Council News...

Round-about-Buckden Walk.

You are invited to the launch of our Round-about-Buckden

Village Walk on Sunday 9


June at 2pm at the Village Hall.

Everyone is welcome. The 8 km walk has been created by the

Parish Council using existing footpaths and has been funded

by the A14 legacy fund. There are shorter routes too.

Neighbourhood Plan

Thank you to everyone who attended the Annual Parish As-

sembly and provided feedback about the Plan. We are incor-

porating your feedback and updating the plan to include the

results of a Housing Needs Assessment completed on our be-

half by specialist consultants. This sets out the type and mix of

housing we need in Buckden. Once this is done the plan will

be available for your review and further feedback.

Photo Competition

The Parish Council is again sponsoring a photographic compe-

tition for the Buckden Festival Weekend


There will be three

age categories, 10 years old and under, 11 to 16, and adult (17

and older). Don’t forget to get your entries in by 1



The entry form can be found on page 14.

Planning and Roads

As you will be aware there are three large development pro-

posals currently under discussion.

In relation to Lucks Lane we have received notification of po-

tential road closures in the second half of the year. The Coun-

cil is unhappy with these proposals and are in discussion with

the developer, Bloor Homes, and Cambridgeshire County

Council (CC) to mitigate the impact on residents. A further

objection has been made to plans which appear to raise the

ground level of the development.

A meeting is also planned with CC to discuss our ongoing ob-

jection to the design of the A1/Stirtloe Lane junction.

The Huntingdon District Council (HDC) Local Plan is expected

to be approved by the end of May. The Mill Road develop-

ment proposal is not included in this plan. A meeting is being

held with HDC to understand exactly

what this means for the proposal.

The Council continue to object to

the Silver Street Development and

have recently commented on re-

vised plans for access to the site.


The Council has accepted the resignation of

Terry Hayward, the Chairman of the Council. Terry has worked

tirelessly for the village over many years as a Councillor, Chair-

man of the Council and District Councillor. He has been re-

sponsible for raising funds for several village projects, in par-

ticular, the development of the Village Hall. We are very ap-

preciative of his contribution and wish him well for the future.

He will be greatly missed.

New Appointments

Following Terry’s resignation, Anne

Howell-Jones has been appointed as Chair of the Council.

Stan Studd has been appointed as a new Parish Councillor

Parish Council Vacancies

We have two vacancies for

Parish Councillors. If you are interested in becoming a council-

lor, we would love to hear from you. Please contact the Chair-

man or the Clerk

Office opening hours

are: Mon, Wed and Thursday 10.30-

2pm, Tuesday 2-4pm, Friday - closed

Council Meetings

The next meeting of the Council will be held at 7.30pm on

Tuesday 11


June. The meeting will include a 15 minute open

form. If you want to speak at the meeting, please let us know

what you want to say, by writing to the Parish Clerk, by 4


June. You will get a three-minute slot.

If required, the Council Planning Committee will meet on

Tuesday 28


May and Tuesday 11


June. Agendas for these

meetings are posted on the Parish notice boards not later

than the Saturday preceding the meeting.

All of the papers and reports for Council meetings are available on the Thursday before the meetings on the Council website

. This provides the opportunity to see the agenda, reports of work carried out by the Coun-

cil as well as reports from our County and District Councillors.

Any questions or comments on this report should be addressed to the Parish Clerk at: Buckden Parish Council, Buckden Village

Hall, Burberry Road, Buckden, PE19 SUY Telephone 01480 819407 Email

Buckden Parish Council would like to invite you to the launch

of our Round-about-Buckden Village Walk.

Everyone is wel-


Come and join this celebration of a new way to explore

the area.

Our 8 kilometre village walk, using existing footpaths, has been

established to encourage residents and visitors to explore the

countryside, learn more about the flora and fauna and history

of the area and to promote health and well being.

You do not have to be a great walker to be part of this, as the

first board at the Village Hall shows opportunities for shorter


The walk has been created by the Parish Council and is funded

by the A14 legacy fund, through the Cambridgeshire Commu-

nity Foundation. Come and join us and, if you're feeling ener-

getic, you can walk all or part of the route.

Invitation to the launch of Round-about-Buckden Walk - Sunday 9


June 2.00pm at the Village Hall