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Buckden Roundabout

June 2019

Church News

Weekly Prayer Roster

Each week during the year the Churches, in their prayers, remember the residents of particular streets in the village, those who

work in the parish and village organisations. Those to be remembered this month are:

2nd June

Church Street, Mill Road, The Barns, The Old Flour Mills

9th June

The Parish Council, The Village Hall and Playing Field Trust; those who help to run the Village

Hall, and the activities there

16th June

Greenway, Aragon Close, Hoo Close, Bishops Way

23rd June

Village shops, and those who work in them; businesses based in the village, hotels, inns, and

those who work at home; homemakers, carers, the unemployed and underemployed, and all

visitors to the village

30th June

Clubs and societies, their leaders and members, volunteers, and the team that produces and

distributes the Buckden Roundabout


Study lunches are taking a break, and there will be no study lunches in June

or thereafter until further notice.

For more information contact:

Ann Brittain



Thought for the Month

Dear Friends,

Can I invite you to join me as a fly on the wall in the Kings

Room in the Towers on any Thursday evening during term


In the upstairs room there is a happy buzz of chatter as four

girls enthusiastically enjoy a game of table tennis on the table

in the middle of the room, and another group sit on the bean

bags nearby exchanging important news and generally

chatting. At one end of the room some boys are hunched in

concentration over a football match on the play station, and

at the other end a game of Connect 4 is coming to a noisy


Downstairs there is cool lighting and music in the Refectory

where a crowd gather round the tuck shop which is doing its

usual steady trade and as ever there are young folk hanging

round the kitchen bar chatting with Charlotte and Carole, en-

joying one of Carole’s delicious milk shakes, or perhaps cook-

ing (and eating!) pizzas or pancakes.

Outside a group of hardy footballers are engaged in a com-

petitive game under the watchful eyes of Tom, Sam and Matt

while periodically popping inside for refreshment from the

tuck shop or kitchen bar.

As it’s summer other activities may also be happening. Per-

haps a treasure hunt in the grounds of the Towers or a game

of rounders. At 8pm, or later if they can swing it, the young

people leave saying ‘see you next week…’

Welcome to youth@thetowers - the Buckden youth club for

years 7,8,9.

We are coming to the end of our first year and would like to

express our thanks for the great support we have had from

the village, in particular the Parish Council and The Towers,

for this activity which seems to be appreciated by all the

young people who come.

We will be running until the beginning of July when we close

for the summer, but will be restarting again in mid September

for what we hope will be another successful year.

Best wishes,


Rev Jes Salt

Priest in Charge, Buck-

den and the Offords